Where to eat in Seattle: Biscuit Bitch

Where to eat in Seattle: Biscuit Bitch

tThe name drew us in – you can’t miss it even from a block away – Biscuit Bitch.  Catchy right?  We just concluded the Beneath the Streets Tour and it was nearing lunch time.  Our stomachs were beginning to remind us that it was time for food.  This was totally unplanned (have I mentioned that I love to plan and research) but the sign was cute and the smells wafting from the front door were enticing so we took a gamble – and are so happy we did!

Biscuit Bitch, Seattle - best places in eat in Seattle
We loved that Biscuit Bitch followed through with their theme. Even the employees call you bitch.

You’re greeted by signs following through with the theme.  If it’s your type of humor, it will make you smile.  We were in a “taste as many things we can in Seattle mood,” so we ordered the Bitchwitch to share – a biscuit sandwich with fluffy eggs, cheese, bacon and a side of their country pork sausage gravy.

Biscuit places in Seattle - things to do in Seattle
The biscuit sandwich at Biscuit Bitch was incredible.

It took all of my will power not to order another after tasting the biscuits. (We were on a mission to taste a lot, so I had to restrain myself)  They were so good!  The biscuit has a great texture but didn’t fall apart and the fillings were savory and delicious.

The coffee was good too – roasted by a local roaster, and aptly labeled – the Bitch Blend.  If you like fancier stuff, their specialty coffee drinks are said to be excellent.

Biscuit Bitch Menu - biscuits and Gravy Seattle
The Biscuit Bitch menu up close – prices weren’t too bad.

The gravy!  It might have been the best gravy I’ve had.  If you go here, do yourself a favor and GET THE GRAVY!

Bitchwitch sandwich – Order’s up bitches!

Biscuit Bitch Seattle - photo of biscuit sandwich with homemade gravy
Yes – biscuits definitely are better with gravy! We recommend ordering a side of gravy.

Getting to Biscuit Bitch, Seattle

If you plan on visiting Pike Place Market, the good news is you’re just a few blocks away from Biscuit Bitch.  I recommend swinging by after an early start at the market.  They have three locations at the time of writing this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened more – they’re that good!

Planning for your Seattle trip?  We added Biscuit Bitch into our Seattle Favorites on Tripidee.  Check out all of our other top things to do in Seattle and copy any of your favorites to your free Tripidee account.

Photo of decor at Biscuit Bitch in Seattle, Washington

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