Top 5 Adventurous Activities to Try in Hawaii

Top 5 Adventurous Activities to Try in Hawaii

Hawaii is a place of adventure and exploration and a trip to Hawaii is the perfect time to try something new.  To up your adventure in your Hawaii trip, we’ve come up with a list of our top five activities for adventure in Hawaii.  Enjoy!

View Untouched Hawaii on a Helicopter Ride

Things to do in Hawaii for thrill seekers
Explore the islands by air for a unique perspective.

Soar over ancient cliffs and valleys and get a unique view of the islands in a helicopter ride.  You’ll want to bring your camera for this activity!  The sights will vary based on the island and helicopter operator you choose, but they will be phenomenal.

This will be one of the priciest adventure activities, so plan ahead for the cost.  Tours are usually an hour to hour and a half long and will cost about $250 and up per person.

We recommend choosing a helicopter where everyone has a window seat.  It can be a little pricier, but you’ll get better views.  If you’re feeling extra daring, book a doorless helicopter!  Make sure to bring something warm to wear because it will be windy and cold.

Tip:  Book the helicopter ride for earlier in your trip.  If they have to reschedule because of weather, you’ll have wiggle room.

Explore the Depths Scuba Diving

What to do in Hawaii || Scuba Diving Hawaii
Hawaii is an amazing scuba spot for first timers and experienced divers.

Hawaii offers diving experiences for every experience range – from beginners to advanced.   If you’re new to diving, you’ll usually take an introductory course in a pool to learn the basics of scuba, then head out into the ocean.

Because Hawaii is so isolated and diverse, you’ll find a range of diving experiences.  Explore a sunken ship, dive off the coast of a forbidden island, take a night dive or dive with sharks!

One of the most unique diving experiences (for more advanced divers) is the Corsair Plane dive.  Explore a well preserved Corsair that sunk in 1948 after an emergency water landing.

For a more comprehensive guide to diving in Hawaii, check out Art of Scuba Diving.

Take A Tour on Horseback

Top activities on Maui
Like hiking but without the effort.

Horseback riding tours are usually a slow placed, relaxing exploration.  Unless you have a private tour, and have horse experience, you will not be moving very fast.  You get a little adventure with the horses and new scenery, but it’s not too extreme and good for a wide range of travelers.   We love horseback tours because it’s like hiking, but without the work!

Horse riding tours in Hawaii generally range from an hour to three.  We recommend the shorter tour to get acclimated and not be too sore later!  All of the horseback riding tours in Hawaii will have great photo ops!

Zip-line For a Thrill Inducing Birds-Eye View

Top Kauai activities - Zipline

Your heart will be pounding on that first jump!  Zip-Lining is a great thrill at first, then as you get used to it, you’ll get to enjoy the scenery.   Our favorite part of zip-lining is the remote locations.  Most tours will take you to a spot that can’t be accessed by regular visitors.

We suggest a shorter zip-line route to save money and time.  After a few zips, the thrill does lessen.  This is another activity with amazing photo ops!  Many companies also rent out go-pros and helmet cams for a unique perspective.

Read more about our zip-lining adventure on Kauai!

Go Off Roading on an ATV

ATVing in Hawaii is definitely an adventure!  If you hit the right weather, you’ll get a muddy ride and end up covered from head to toe!  There are many options for ATVs, but our favorites are the one or two seaters.  This way everyone has a view.  Most companies offer four seater too – which are less expensive for the back two riders and great for families.

Plan Your Trip to Hawaii

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