The Plumeria Lounge: Priority Pass Lounge in Hawaii // HNL Airport

The Plumeria Lounge: Priority Pass Lounge in Hawaii // HNL Airport

Because we’re based out of Hawaii, the airport lounge that we most often frequent is the Plumeria Lounge in the Honolulu Airport (or the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport).    We love it because it’s based in the interisland terminal and feels like an oasis from the crowds of travelers.

Plumeria Lounge HNL
The lounge is spacious with many areas for privacy and small groupings.

If you have a Priority Pass, this is one of two lounges you can access in HNL (but this is our favorite).  You can also purchase access for $40 per person – which could be worth it if you have a long layover.

Plumeria Lounge - Priority Pass lounge in Hawaii

Getting to the Plumeria Lounge

The hours for the lounge are good for most flights except for the early and really late ones.  To enter the lounge with the Priority Pass, you will need a boarding pass and it has to be for a flight you will be taking, not one you just took.  To get there from the interisland terminal, look for signs for the Plumeria Lounge.  It’s near the security checkpoint and bathrooms and up an escalator.  It’s right near the Wiki Wiki shuttle, so following signs for the shuttle should help too.

Plumeria Lounge in HNL Airport / Hawaii Priority Pass airport lounge

Plumeria Lounge Priority Pass lounge in Hawaii HNL
They have a local beer available as well as wine. We love that the beer is Bikini Blonde.

Food and Beverage Offerings

The airport lounge offerings are basic with a Hawaiian flair.  They have the standard juice, coffee, tea, beer, wine and snacks but there are a few fun twists.  The beer is from Maui Brewing Company – and is called Bikini Blonde.  They have passion orange juice which is delicious.  One of their sandwiches is served on a taro bun, there’s instant ramen and the dressing for the veggies is papaya seed dressing.

Plumeria Lounge - Honolulu airport priority pass lounge
Their food and beverage station is neat and clean and well stocked with coffee, beer, wine, soda, and snacks.
Priority pass lounge in Daniel K Inouye airport
Veggie platter and snacks at the Plumeria Lounge by Hawaiian Airlines in Honolulu.
Priority Pass lounge in Honolulu airport, Hawaii
Ramen station!
Priority Pass lounge in Hawaii
We were happy with the sandwich and veggie selections.

Plumeria Lounge in HNL airport. Priority pass lounge picture.


We love that they serve Passion Orange Juice! Feels like a vacation.

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