Sake and Sushi: Kona Grill, Waikiki

Sake and Sushi: Kona Grill, Waikiki

You know a place is going to be good when a bartender at another restaurant recommends it.   We were lured in to The Kona Grill by the promise of happy hour deals. Upon entering, we found that there was a Thursday special that was even better – a sake tasting flight AND a sushi roll!

Places to eat in Waikiki, Oahu
Checkerboard roll at the Kona Grill

Sake Tasting in Waikiki

I’ve done wine flights, beer flights, and whiskey flights (that will get the party started!) but sake was new to me.   We were given five different sakes to taste.  They were well labeled and beautifully presented.  My pet peeve on tasting flights is when the restaurant expects you to remember what you’re having.  Each sake had a distinctive flavor and it was a fun experience to sample each one.  There was more than enough sake for a few rounds of sips.

Places for sake in Hawaii - sake tasting in Waikiki
A flight of five different sakes to taste.
Happy hour specials in Waikiki
The first sip is so exciting!

We sat at the bar for our happy hour special and loved chatting with our bartender.  He had amazing suggestions and kept up a laid back banter that was fun but not intrusive.

Happy hour specials in Waikiki, Oahu - trip planning

The Famous Checkerboard Roll

OK – so I’m not sure if it’s famous, but it was listed as being one of the favorites.  The sushi menu was extensive. There were so many mouth watering offerings that we were overwhelmed and went with the recommendation of the bartender.  The Checkerboard roll arrived beautifully presented with a checkerboard pattern of tuna and yellowtail on top of the roll.  Inside was habanero tuna, avocado, asparagus and spicy motoyaki sauce.  The fish was fresh and tender and the filling was spicy and delicious.  I could have finished off an entire roll myself!

Places to eat in Waikiki - happy hour specials at Kona Grill
First bites of the checkerboard sushi roll

Hawaii trip planner, best places to eat in Waikiki - Kona Grill

Visiting the Kona Grill Waikiki

You can find the Kona Grill in Waikiki at the top floor of the International Marketplace.  If you’re not planning a trip to Hawaii, they have locations all over the US, so you can check out their website and find a location close to you.

Places to eat in Hawaii and Waikiki

I recommend the Kona Grill to people who like sushi or people traveling with a group.   In addition to sushi, Kona Grill serves up a variety of food from burgers and salads to asian inspired dishes.  I’m sure that every person could find something that they’d be happy to eat.

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii and this sound like a fun stop, make sure to add it to your Tripidee trip planner.  It will add images of all your vacation ideas and put everything on a map so you can best plan your days.  If you’re traveling with a group, you can invite others to collaborate on the planning.

Happy hour deals in Waikiki - sake tasting special at Kona Grill
A few sips in and feeling good.

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