Pie Lovers Heaven:  Gizdich Ranch, California

Pie Lovers Heaven: Gizdich Ranch, California

One of our road trip traditions is eating pie – lots of it – and trying to find the best spot for pies in our travels.  We didn’t set out to begin this tradition – it just happened.  My husband loves pie but it’s hard to find a variety where we live so we would buy it on vacation.  Soon, it became something we do on every trip.

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Fresh berries and pie options

What Might Be The Best Pie We’ve Ever Had

We stumbled across Gizdich pies.  We were near Santa Cruz, visiting my cousin and she offered us a slice.  I almost said no, having stuffed myself with bread and cheese and farmers markets finds during the drive from SF, but my love of pie won over.  I knew after the first bite that we’d be buying more!

Farm, Store and Pie Heaven

Gizdich Ranch is more than a pie store.  They are a  farm with u-pick during berry and apple seasons and also press their own apple juice.  The first thing you’ll see when you arrive is the gift store.  You can pick up trinkets, juice, preserves and fresh berries or apples.  Go through or around the store for the best part – the cafe (aka Pie Heaven).

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Gift shop

So Many Pies to Choose From!

I was sad to hear that they had run out of strawberry pie and apple dumplings.  In retrospect it was a good thing because it narrowed down my choices (a little).  We ended up getting the Apple and the Very Berry Pies and they were as good as we had hoped.  You’ll notice that there aren’t many pie photos – we couldn’t contain ourselves – one was gone before we even thought of photos!

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Why We Love Gizdich Pies

Both of our pies had nice, flaky crust and rich fruit flavors without too much sugar.  They were packed with fruit!  No gooey fake filling – real fruit.  The flavors were amazing.  My only regret?   Not buying a pie (or two) to go.

Best pie in California - Gizdich Ranch

Visiting Gizdich Ranch

Gizdich Ranch is in Watsonville, California – just a short drive from Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Salinas and Carmel.  They are open seven days a week from 9-5.  If you go on Saturdays from September through April, you can see them pressing apples for juice.  If you plan on u-pick, check their website to see when they’re open and what’s available.

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They have a great picnic area for enjoying the pies

Don’t forget to add Gizdich Ranch to your Tripidee trip planner.  It will help you remember to visit and put it on a map to better plan your travel days.

U-pick farm in California - Gizdich Ranch

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