Ohio Donut Trail – Good Eats in Butler County, Ohio

Ohio Donut Trail – Good Eats in Butler County, Ohio

Love donuts?  Boy, do we have a trip for you!  About thirty minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio, is Butler County, home of the Ohio Donut Trail.  The trail is an eighty mile loop that makes up a lopsided donut shape and encompasses twelve donut shops.  If you visit 11 out of 12 and fill out your Donut Trail passport, you get a free donut trail shirt from the visitor bureau!

Butler County has one of the highest donut stores per capita ratio in the US!

Donut Crawl map, donut trail map for Ohio
The Red Storm Roll at Jupiter Coffee and Donuts.

Donut Rush the Trail

If you decide to take on the challenge of visiting eleven of the twelve shops, you don’t have to rush.   There is no time limit to completing the trail (just make sure that you download the passport from their website and get it filled in at each location).  In fact, plan for a few days!  Some of the shops are closed a few days a week and many do sell out, so take your time, but plan on arriving earlier in the day.  Expert tipif you’re going later in the day, you can call to make sure they have donuts.  

Ohio donut road trip - Donut Trail Map - Ohio Guide
Milton’s Donuts – If you ever needed an excuse to eat lots of donuts, the doughnut trail is it!

Free T-Shirts!

To get your free shirt, submit your completed Ohio Donut Trail passport to the Butler County Visitor Bureau, either in person or by mail.  They’re so great that they’ll mail you the shirt for free!  If you wear the shirt, you get extra discounts and a few free items from businesses in Butler County.

Butler County Donut Trail t-shirt 2018 - Ohio trip planning, Ohio guide
If you return your completed passport to the Butler County Visitors Bureau, you’ll get a free shirt.

Planning Your Trip to the Butler County Donut Trail

We created a free Donut Trail Tripidee trip with all of the donut stores already entered.  If you copy the trip over to your account, you’ll get one click directions so you don’t have to think when the sugar rush kicks in.  Make sure to check the visitor bureau’s site to see all the other fun activities that you can do when not eating donuts.

They also have a completely different Geocache tour if you like Geocaching.  Check it out here.

Guide to Ohio - places to eat in Ohio - Ohio donuts, Donut trail
A sweet start to your day with the Donut trail

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