Kauai Desserts: The Spot Kauai

Kauai Desserts: The Spot Kauai

There are TONS of places in Kapaa town on Kauai for desserts, but The Spot is one of my favorites.  They specialized in homemade, organic frozen yogurt bowls.  Each dessert feels like a decadent splurge – and it’s oh so yummy!

The Spot Kauai - photo of dessert spots on Kauai
Their desserts are a refreshing treat for any day.

The Spot Kauai is located in the heart of Kapaa town, but it’s easy to miss because it’s upstairs.  If you’re standing by the main stoplight of Historic Kapaa town, look up for signs that say The Spot.  They tend to always have customers but there’s never a long wait.

Kauai dessert spot - photo of soft serve yogurt from The Spot Kauai in Kapaa
The Chunky Monkey Bowl is my favorite with organic yogurt topped with chocolate chips and peanut butter.

Design Your Own Dessert

You can choose from several delicious signature bowls that they’ve come up with or design your own by choosing your yogurt, add ins and toppings.  They have a machine that mixes their yogurt with the blend ins to create made to order soft serve that is incredible!

Some of the blend in options are apple bananas, mangoes, Oreos and chocolate covered almonds.  Yum!

Mermaid mural at The Spot Kauai in Historic Kapaa Town - things to do in Kapaa
You’ll find this darling mural inside The Spot. The mermaid and fish are just waiting for kisses!  (Right) is an outside seating area where you can watch the streets of Kapaa town.

My Favorite Frozen Yogurt Blend

The Chunky Monkey signature bowl is my absolute favorite.  It has their organic vanilla frozen yogurt blended with apple bananas and chocolate covered almonds, then topped with chocolate chips, a peanut butter drizzle and chocolate syrup.

Kapaa places to eat, dessert spots in Kapaa
It’s easy to miss The Spot, but look for the signs and follow them upstairs for a delicious dessert .

Not Just Frozen Yogurt

You can also get smoothies (blended with their frozen yogurt), coffee, and refreshing drinks like a strawberry lilikoi cooler.  They also have daily specials that are worth looking into.

Places to eat on Kauai, Kauai dessert spots, Kapaa restaurants
Enjoy people watching in their outdoor eating space.

Planning Your Trip to The Spot Kauai

We’ve added The Spot to our Kauai Desserts trip.  It has our favorite dessert spots on island.  You can copy the entire trip, or just parts to your free Tripidee account so you never forget an idea for your Kauai vacation.   Enjoy the yummy yogurt!

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