Kaimuki Ice Cream: 8 Half Desserts

Kaimuki Ice Cream: 8 Half Desserts

Kaimuki is a food lovers paradise.  Located near Honolulu, Oahu, it’s a short drive from Waikiki to explore a variety of food places that are creative and fresh but off the touristy path.  We have been eating our way through Kaimuki and fell in love with 8 Half Desserts.  It’s easy to miss, but don’t!  Your taste buds will thank you.

8 Half Desserts is a tiny, hole in the wall spot with a mouth watering assortment of ice creams.
It’s easy to walk right by, but this is the spot.

Lots of Samples!

Once we walked in, the worker offered us a sample,  then another, then another! They kept offering samples until we had tried almost all of the ice creams.   It’s so refreshing to not feel bad about asking for samples!  Their ice cream ranges from traditional to adventurous and everything in between.  I loved the lychee furikake.  What a blend!

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The inside is tiny but packed with amazing treats.

Other unique ice cream flavors include: Unicorn dream, shoyu mango, guava, lilikoi, peanut butter, lychee, orange, muncha cruncha, mint chip,  and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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Small to go cups of ice cream fill the freezer.

The freezer is packed with ice cream to go.  There are cups of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream pie slices.  There really is something for everyone!

The freezer is an ice cream lovers paradise with cookies and pies! It seems like they come up with endless combos!
Kaimuki dessert spot
Packed with frozen treats to go.

We bought an ice cream sandwich to go.  There are so many combos to choose from but we choose the almond cookie and chocolate ice cream.  The buttery and delicate almond cookie was a perfect compliment to the rich chocolate.  Miraculously, the cookie survived a five minute walk and was nice and firm when we ate it.

Kaimuki food spots
It seems like no two ice cream sandwiches are the same combo!
Outside the store.

If you find yourself on Oahu and need a sweet treat and a new area to explore, 8 Half Desserts in Kaimuki is your spot.  We put together a Tripidee trip for you exploring the best places for ice cream on Oahu – check it out!


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