Dim Sum, Cocktails and Macarons:  Yauatcha Waikiki

Dim Sum, Cocktails and Macarons: Yauatcha Waikiki

I’m no stranger to Yauatcha Waikiki.  In my first, second and third ventures, I made it just into the front door where their stunning macaroons are kept.  My sweet tooth satiated, I left.  The fourth trip to Yauatcha was set to be the same but we just happened to visit during happy hour so we decided to sample their dim sum and cocktails – and of course finish the meal off with macarons.

Best places to eat on Oahu - dim sum
The dining room at Yauatcha Waikiki
Best dessert in Waikiki, Oahu - Macaron
The macarons are amazing and gorgeous

Changing Tradition

Dim sum means ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese. Historically dim sum was a snack served with tea.  It was meant to touch the heart but not fill the stomach.  Today there are so many amazing dim sum offerings that you can feast on a bevy of tiny bite sized delicacies and be very full.

Dim Sum means “touch the heart”

Top places to eat in Waikiki - dim sum

Flow and Prosper

We sat at the bar and selected from the “flow and prosper” menu, featuring six cocktail and eight dim sum options.  It was inspired by two of China’s luckiest numbers, six (which sounds like flow in Mandarin), and eight (a homophone for prosper).

Best dim sum spots on Oahu, Hawaii

But First, Drinks

The Flower and Stone started off our night.  It was a subtle blend Bombay Sapphire East gin, strawberry, fennel, apricot, yuzu, mint, rhubarb.  The combo was beautiful and no flavor took front seat.  I’d say it’s one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had.  It was refreshing, subtle – far from a lot of the boozy cocktails of Waikiki.

Top places to eat in Waikiki, Oahu
Flower and Stone Cocktail at Yauatcha Waikiki

Dim Sum Tasting

Chinese chive flower dumplings and the Shanghai siew long bun were the dim sum we selected.  The chive flower dumplings looked like mini works of art and had a mellow but flavorful blend of vegetables inside.  My favorite was the Shanghai siew long bun.  It was filled with broth and had a delicious fatty pork flavor.  The taste reminded me of my favorite savory pork hash dumplings from Chinatown.

Top places for dim sum on Oahu, Waikiki
Chive flower dim sum
Best places to eat on Oahu for honeymoon in Waikiki
The chive flower and pork dim sum and the semi outdoor seating area

Still My Favorite

While the food and drinks were amazing, I still think that the macarons are my favorite.  They are made fresh daily and have yummy combinations like lavender honey (with chocolate in the middle),  passion fruit five spice and strawberry orange blossom.  I haven’t tasted one I didn’t like!  For macaron connoisseurs – you might find the filling a little heavier than places like Laduree – I think it comes down to personal preference.

Best macarons on Oahu, Waikiki

Best bakery on Oahu - French Macarons
Aren’t the flavor options mouth watering?!

If French macarons aren’t your thing, there are also other desserts to choose from.

Best desserts in Waikiki in the International Marketplace
This is a huge macaron and a chocolate dessert I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet
Where to eat in Waikiki, Oahu, trip planning
Each dessert looks like a work of art

About Yauatcha Waikiki

Yauatcha Waikiki is one of two locations in the US.  They are also located in London, India and Saudi Arabia (in 2018).   You can find the Waikiki restaurant on the top floor of the International Marketplace.  If you’re staying in Waikiki, you’ll be able to walk to Yauatcha.   Remember to add Yauatcha to your Tripidee trip planner to help you plan the perfect Hawaii vacation.

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See your food being made

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    I totally agree with you on their French macarons! The lavender, honey with the chocolate filling is superb!

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