District Donuts: New Orleans Places to Eat

District Donuts: New Orleans Places to Eat

If you love donuts, District Donuts is a winning stop for your New Orleans trip.   They specialize in fun and creative donuts like Almond Joy, Wedding Cake and S’mores.  Each day seven different types of freshly made specialty donuts are rolled out for their customers delight – in addition to their standard glazed, cinnamon sugar and chocolate glazed.

Photo of District Donuts, New Orleans, Louisiana
We loved the open space design at District Donuts and that we could see our food being made.

Everything is made fresh and from scratch – even their sprinkles – no pre-made mixes here!  We found the donuts to be nice and fluffy with a great variety of flavors.  My personal favorite was Almond Joy.

Photo of donuts at District donuts in New Orleans, Louisiana
So many amazing donuts to choose from at District Donuts.

Not Just Donuts

For those who prefer salty to sweet – or like a mix of both, they have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu – and of course coffee.   We loved their sliders and breakfast biscuit sandwiches.

It can get packed in District Donuts so we sat at the “bar” area where we could watch all of the food being cooked.  It all looked so yummy that I was drooling over every dish that went out.

Things to eat at District Donuts in New Orleans

Planning Your Trip to New Orleans

There are a lot of District Donut locations, so add a few to your New Orleans trip and see what is closest to the activities you’ve planned.   If you really love donuts, plan to visit a few times as their donut selection changes daily.

Use Tripidee to add District Donuts to your New Orleans trip so you can see exactly where it is in relation to your other stop ideas so you can best plan your trip!  Happy donut eating!

Enjoy the pictures of our visit to District Donuts!

Photo of donuts in New Orleans
How can you choose just one? We recommend trying at least two donuts!
photo of food at District Donuts, New Orleans
Too much sweet? District Donuts also has savory – and it doesn’t disappoint.
Photo of District Donuts in New Orleans - top places to eat in Louisiana
They sell so many donuts that you know you’re getting something fresh!
Photo of donuts and District Donuts: Banana pudding donut, almond joy donut, wedding cake donut
Their donut labels are the best! Hello Almond Joy – I think we’ll be great friends!

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