Coffee Shops on Kauai Spotlight: Rainbeau Jo’s

Coffee Shops on Kauai Spotlight: Rainbeau Jo’s

What’s better than coffee to start the day?  Coffee served with aloha!  Rainbeau Jo’s is not just a place for coffee, it’s an experience.  Beau and Jo, the owners of Rainbeau Jo’s are always ready with a smile and time to chat.  Honestly, I sometimes don’t even want coffee, but go just for the dose of positivity I get while ordering.  They are amazing!

Photo of Rainbeau Jo's menu and the owner.
Beau is always ready with a smile!

As you hang around waiting for your order, you’ll hear Beau address everyone like a friend, ask them about their day and offer compliments and terms of endearment.  It’s not fake or forced, it’s just who he is.  When Jo has a break from making the orders, she’ll pop her head out and say hi too.

Picture of Rainbeau Jo's coffee in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii.
Our favorite daily brew: Bullet Proof coffee at Rainbeau Jo’s

Coffee, Smoothies and Bagels

There’s something for everyone in this hidden Kauai gem.   Coffee lovers will find the standard espresso drinks and some amazing coffee creations that flirt more with dessert  than coffee.  My personal favorite is the caramel haze.  If I’m really honest, it’s pretty much a coffee milkshake – but I’ll call it coffee and have it for breakfast!  My husband loves the Bullet Proof Coffee.    They also serve up smoothies and delicious bagel creations.  I love the locally made bagel with pesto cream cheese!

Kauai’s Hidden Coffee Gem

Rainbeau Jo’s is not a place you’ll find unless you know to look for it tucked way away in an industrial part of Lihue.  Go past the car sales lots, past the furniture warehouses, the glass repair, the tile and carpet store and numerous other business and finally you’ll come to a warehouse that houses this magical coffee dispensary.

The Bay: The warehouses that houses Betty White, the coffee truck
This is the spot! Look for the Rainbeau Jo’s sandwich board posted outside the entrance.

Stepping into The Bay (the name they’ve given the location they’re at), you’ll hear peppy music, perhaps see someone hula hooping with the hoops Beau and Jo leave out for visitors, and be greeted by the sight of Betty White, the bus housing this Kauai coffee shop.

Take in all the fun details they’ve added to make such a unique venue.

Make sure to give yourself time to relax here.  Service is on island speed and there can be a line at certain times in the morning.  Just take it all in.  There’re items to buy, books to peruse and great community building going on here!  Feeling generous?  Bring a canned good to donate to the food bank.

Planning Your Trip to Kauai and Rainbeau Jo’s Coffee Truck

Be sure to check the hours – they close fairly early and do have a few days off.  We’ve added Rainbeau Jo’s to our Kauai Coffee Lover’s Guide on Tripidee.  Add it to your trip so you have one click directions to all the great coffee spots on Kauai!

Enjoy the extra images!

Check the “Hours of Aloha” before planning your trip.

A peek at the amazing menu offerings from Rainbeau Jo’s.
I love this little corner with the records and books.


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  1. Cowgirl Reply

    I would pull up my trailer full of horses just to stop in & get my coffee. They are always so positive & have a great way of jump starting my mornings! Love them!!

    1. What a sight! I’m sure they always had something nice and fun to say about the horses!

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