Back Door Bakery

Back Door Bakery

We came across this gem of a bakery on the return part of our Portland to Seattle Road trip.  Located in Lacey, Washington (near Olympia), about a third of the way between Seattle and Portland, this is the perfect spot to get your sugar rush on with delicious pies, cakes and cookies.

Pies and cake at Back Door Bakery near Olympia
Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. This if for three people!

Some of the Best Pies I’ve Ever Had!

I have a thing for pies on road trips.  Having a  mediocre pie is often expected but finding a really good, stand out,  hoarding triggering pie is like hitting dessert treasure.  Each one of the pies we tried was perfection – we hit the motherlode of pies!

Back Door Bakery, Lacey Washington - things to do near Olympia
Our family loves sweets – can you tell by the photo of my mom with her boxes of treats?

Something For Everyone

There must have been eight or more different types of pie!  There were the standards like apple and raspberry, but also more exotic like seasonal Peaches N Cream and Key Lime.  As long as you like pie – you’ll find something for you.  If you don’t like pies, you might want to try theirs – they might change your mind.  There is also a drool worthy selection of cakes – we tried a few and they too were amazing.

Cakes at Back Door Bakery - Portland to Seattle Road trip stops
The cakes were moist and had the perfect crumb.

Personal Sized Pies

Instead of buying a slice of pie that falls apart, you get a tiny, personal sized pie.  They’re delicious works of art!

The Peach pie was made with fresh peaches and had just enough sweetness to bring out the flavor of the peaches, but not too much – and the peaches were still in chunks – no jelly goo here!  The Pecan Pie might have been the best pecan pie I’ve ever had – once again – not too sweet and not too gooey.   Key Lime did not dissapoint – it had a pleasant tang but wasn’t too strong.  Lastly, the apple – it had a crunch crumb and perfect apple flavor.  Yum!

Pies at Back Door Bakery - Places to eat in Olympia
So many pies to choose from!

Planning Your Trip to Back Door Bakery

If you’re doing a road trip between Seattle and Portland and love pies – you must stop here!  Even if you’re not hungry at the time, just grab a few to go – they travel well.  You will not regret it.  The only regret you might have is not buying enough.   If you love this stop idea, add it into your free Tripidee trip so you can see exactly where it is and get one click directions while on the road if you’re using the free app.

Not going this direction?  We have a few other places for great pies!  If you’re in California, try Gizdich pies – super good – straight from the berry farm on property.

Raspberry pie at the Backdoor Bakery in Washington state
The mini raspberry pies looked amazing – but one only has so much room in their stomach!
Pies at Back Door Bakery - places to eat in Olympia
Aren’t these mini pies adorable? Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Peach, apple, pecan, key lime pie
Mini pies at Back Door Bakery in Washington
So many pies to choose from! They’re mini’s so of course we could have a lot!

Photo of the interior of the Back Door Bakery

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