Ars Cafe:  Diamond Head Coffee Spot

Ars Cafe: Diamond Head Coffee Spot

If you’re looking for good coffee on your Hawaii vacation, swing by Ars Cafe.

Fresh gelato waikiki

Places for coffee on Oahu

We stumbled across Ars after our trip to Diamond Head. My husband needed a coffee fix to keep up with my vacation speed and Ars was the answer.  The art outside drew us in – and we’re happy we stopped by – it was a really unique coffee bar!

Ars Cafe Honolulu
The contrasty art at Ars Cafe will grab your attention


One Stop Shop

Ars offers espresso, coffee (of course!) AND food and gelato.  You couldn’t ask for more!  It also serves as a mini art gallery with changing displays.  Check out the art while you wait for your caffeine fix.

Oahu coffee spots, best coffee on Oahu
Ars sells homemade gelato
Best coffee in Waikiki
Explore all of the details in Ars

Handcrafted Decor

When you step inside of Ars, it feels like an old saloon.  I asked the barista about the history of the building was surprised to hear that the decor was new.  The owners hired craftsmen from Japan to do all the woodwork.  They also pay attention to the details.  They have an antique typewriter for creating menus and signs and other fun items to find.

Places for coffee by Diamond Head
Hand crafted decor gives Ars a unique, vintage feel

Best Coffee in Waikiki

Planning Your Trip

Ars Cafe is a three minute drive away from Diamond Head.  It’s also walkable from Waikiki – and very close to the Honolulu Zoo.   If you’re looking to escape the crowds of Waikiki, plan for a relaxing stroll away from the strip and up towards Ars Cafe.  Add Ars into your Tripidee trip and use our companion app for one click directions.

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