Are You Ready for TSA?

Are You Ready for TSA?

The TSA is your last barrier before vacation and things are so much nicer if it’s a smooth experience.  Here are a few tips to streamline your process through TSA.

1. Follow the 3-1-1 Rule

Liquids should be 3.4ounces or 100ml   and all fit into a clear 1 quart bag.

2. Don’t Wrap Presents

If you’re bringing presents on the plane, we suggest you leave them unwrapped and wrap them at your destination.  While TSA will not always unwrap presents, they will unwrap them if the item looks suspicious.  You don’t want to waste your time and wrapping paper!

3. Dress for TSA

Make sure that you have a jacket and shoes that are easily removed to speed up your TSA process.  We recommend putting your wallet, keys and change in your jacket, so when the jacket comes off, all the items go with it.  It sure beats rummaging through pants pockets to make sure everything is removed.  Also make sure that metallic accessories are removed before the line – or better yet – don’t wear them the day of the flight.  

4. Pack Neatly

If TSA needs to inspect your luggage, it will speed the process up to have everything packed neatly.  They can inspect the area in question quickly without disrupting too much of your packing.  We like packing cubes for this.  

5. Know What Items are Prohibited.

There are a lot of prohibited items!  Here’s a quick link to the TSA website that lists all prohibited items.

Note that Pies allowed but may be subject to “additional inspection”

6. Check Your Bags for Contraband

It’s easy to forget scissors, liquids or a pocket knife in a bag.  Make sure to check your luggage ahead of the trip so you don’t lose items at TSA.  

7. Pack Your Laptop on Top

Make sure that your laptop is easily accessible.  It will need to go into a separate bin at the TSA checkpoint.  Keeping it closeby will help you breeze through TSA.

8. Checkout the Lines

Sometimes the shortest lines aren’t the fastest.  Lines with families and first time travelers can move more slowly, so give the lines a once over.  

9. Have Your Documents Ready

Keep your ID and boarding pass in an accessible place so they’re ready for TSA.  Practice keeping them in the same location each trip to avoid the panic of misplaced tickets!

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